Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Darkness and Dawn

Darkness and Dawn
I woke up and glanced out the bedroom window to see streaks of light breaking the darkness, crossing the night sky with hints of the new day. Racing to my studio, I painted this in the dark; if I had turned on a light, I would no longer have been able to see what was dim but dramatic in the early dawn light beyond my window. As I look at the sky on such mornings, I can't help wondering how often our lights, sounds, and other ways of adapting our world obscure from our view the often-silent beauty of that which is beyond our control and is far more majestic than anything we can create

This is one of the paintings on display at the East Fishkill Library until Friday this week.


Corinne said...

Oh, such lovely blueness and dark! I can feel the morning entering in...this is a great work! So spontaneous! I Love it! <3

Melissa Fischer said...

Thank you, Corinne! I really enjoyed doing this so spontaneously and quickly; I didn't have a chance to get all fussy and detailed the way I sometimes do.

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