Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ten years ago today...

Ten years ago today I brought the most wonderful dog home. 
Rowan was such a funny, sweet puppy. We were remembering today what he was like his first few weeks with us.  I remember standing him up (at 12 or 13 weeks) to go outside before I went to bed. He would totter a couple of steps, then fall over sideways and be asleep before he hit the floor. At other times he would race through the kitchen, snatching dish towels off the towel bar and carrying them off with him, obviously laughing as he went. Then he would snuggle in my lap, give me whiskery kisses, and rest his chin on my arm.

Over the years, Rowan has gone all over the place with me as my Medical Alert Service Dog. He is quiet and unobtrusive when out and about with me, but I feel his presence and know he's watching me when awake and even paying attention to where I am when he's asleep.
I am thankful for my Rowan every day I have with him. He watches over me all the time, he gives me quiet company, he is my friend. He understands me and loves me, and I love him more than I can say.

One day when I was feeling down, I turned around from my desk and found Rowan sitting with this pillow just like that. The pillow had been on a chair; I have no idea how it ended up like this.

First day home- September 12, 2003


Pat said...

What a gorgeous, faithful, loving boy!

Melissa Fischer said...

Thank you, Pat. He really is so faithful (and of course gorgeous). :)

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