Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Feeder Visitors

I've been down with the flu or something like it, so have been watching the birds for hours the past couple of days. We've had some less common (for us) birds at our feeders, as well as many of our common visitors. I've sketched and photographed as many as I could, but there were quite a few more I was unable to capture. (click on photos to view larger)

Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers

Mourning Dove

Male Hairy Woodpecker

Male Brown-headed Cowbird
Chickadee gathering Rowan's hair from suet cage

Chipping Sparrow

Pine Warbler
Female Purple Finch

Male Purple Finch
White-throated Sparrow


mollie jones said...

Hey Melissa...I love these bird drawings and your photos. We used to have the little yellow wabler around here, but haven't seen them in several years. We do have the rest...really love the birdies. Please post your drawings and the photos on PF...our friends would also love to see them as those in the UK are still under pretty bad weather I think.

Susan Bronsak said...

Love the bird photos and your sketches!!!

Melissa Fischer said...

Thank you, Mollie! I wasn't sure where to post photos on PF, but I did post a couple of sketches.

Melissa Fischer said...

Thank you, Susan! I find your sketches very inspiring.

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