Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day: Celebrating the Simple and Ordinary Moments of Our Life Together

Sitting together by a crackling fire or a glowing woodstove.

Hiking, exploring, and sharing breathtaking views.

Sitting together on a remote ledge, you reading aloud to me...

and me painting.

Enjoying wild blueberry patches at Minnewaska.

Enjoying lively discussions and fun family time with Nathaniel, Jonathan, and Arielle

Laughing together as we watch our dogs play chase.

Happy Valentine's Day, Stephen! I love you!


Terri said...

That was a very sweet post, Melissa!

jane minter said...

is lovely to see your family all together here ...the one of the dogs made me smile .... wonderful to see so many sketches melissa .

Melissa Fischer said...

Thank you, Terri and Jane!

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